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Massalia Private Chef :
Home chef Marseille , cooking classes Marseille , home caterer Marseille and throughout the Provence-Alpes-Côtes-d'Azur region with Massalia Private Chef.

Yannis Erion Nternova : Home chef Marseille, cooking classes Marseille, catering Marseille and throughout the Provence-Alpes-Côtes-d'Azur region with Massillia Private Chef.
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Yannis Erion Nternova

My first contact with cooking was initiated by my godmother . I was fascinated by the scents and flavors of his cuisine . She introduced me to authentic Greek cuisine and its countless tastes and aromas of land and sea . These first impressions remained engraved in me, projecting me into the culinary art.
Dedicating myself to my passion, I worked with the best Greek chefs , such as the famous Lefteris Lazarou and Ioannis Parikos at the 1* Michelin star Varoulko then with George Stylianoudakis and Thanos Stasinou in Athens and Mykonos, where I explored the Mediterranean flavors.

I continued my culinary career in Paris by joining the teams of renowned chef David Toutain, winner of 2** Michelin stars and 1* green Michelin star , then chef Raphael Rego for his 1* Michelin star restaurant Oka in Paris. These two culinary experiences allowed me to perfect culinary techniques and develop new ideas.

The richness of flavors and aromas, the diversity and quality of products from the south of France , as well as the way of life which emphasizes conviviality encouraged me to settle in this region to explore and learn more about local cuisine .

Nourished by the experience of traditional Provençal and local cuisine in the famous Sépia restaurant , with chef Paul Langlère, I now invite you to travel, alongside me, in an authentic and creative culinary Odyssey.

Our engagements

Yannis Erion Nternova : Home chef Marseille, cooking classes Marseille, catering Marseille and throughout the Provence-Alpes-Côtes-d'Azur region with Massillia Private Chef.


From the bustling markets of Marseille to the surrounding farms and fisheries, we are committed to using only the freshest, best quality ingredients , sourced from local suppliers and farmers. Providing locally also means supporting our community.

Our menus are designed to use seasonal products as much as possible, in order to highlight the tastiest ingredients , while promoting sustainable agriculture.

“On dirait le sud”

Provence is a fascinating region, rich in contrasts which has won us over.

Renowned for its gastronomy, the south of France offers a variety of culinary delights. Whether you love seafood , cheese or wine , Provence offers you the diversity and quality of its products. It is also a region steeped in history and culture which offers remarkable landscapes, a warm climate and a rich heritage.
Avignon , its famous Palais des Papes and its theater festival, Aix-en-Provence , its elegant architecture and the famous workshop of Paul Cézanne , Arles, with well-preserved Roman architecture and the famous photography meetings or even the city picturesque coastline of La Ciotat .
Having fallen in love with this region, we finally settled in Marseille .

Marseille , a lively port city where history is written in the stones and streets. From the ancient port to the buildings of Pouillon, from Noailles to the Cité Radieuse, Marseille is a melting pot of mixed cultures, eras and traditions.

Massalia Private Chef - Home chef, caterer, cooking classes in Marseille, Aix en Provence and the PACA region
Mucem Vieux Port Marseille - Catering Massalia Private Chef

Monuments and emblematic streets such as La Cannebière, Saint-Charles, La Bonne Mère, Mucem and many others bear witness to this cultural richness. From the Greeks to the Phoenicians, it has had many incarnations.

This diverse heritage welcomes everyone and offers fertile ground, freedom to express oneself and innovate culinaryly.”

Marseille offers Mediterranean cuisine rich in flavors and colors. It is influenced by French, Italian and North African cultures, which have mixed over the centuries in this cosmopolitan port city.
She boldly combines typical Provençal dishes such as bouilllabaisse, ratatouille, tapenade or panisses with new international fusion cuisine . In recent years, Marseille's culinary scene has seen a revival with the arrival of young chefs who have brought their own twist to traditional local cuisine .   The flavors of Marseille reflect a cuisine made of love and passion, to be enjoyed, why not, with a pastis in a local bar or at Les Goudes.

The French Riviera is also an iconic destination in the south of France, famous for its popular seaside towns like, Fréjus , Saint-Tropez , Cannes , Nice.

Our services can also be offered in this region depending on the number of guests and/or the duration of the service.

Join us on a journey to discover the beauty and flavors of the south of France.

Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Arles, Avignon, La Ciotat Fréjus, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Nice

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