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Menus Massalia Chef Privé - Traiteur et chef à domicile

Massalia Private Chef Menus

For an excellent catering or home chef experience, all our ingredients are seasonal and of high quality, with a responsible and local supply.

To discover the chef's latest culinary creations, do not hesitate to contact us, our menu contains only a limited selection of our dishes.


Discovery menu


Country bread, olive oil, tomatoes, olives, tzatziki.
Complimentary appetizer from the house.


Seasonal salad and cheese
Roasted beet salad with yogurt and peanut butter

Grill dishes

Served with grilled seasonal vegetables, fresh salad, and crispy sautéed potatoes. We offer a selection of sauces to enhance your tasting experience.

Your choice of fresh fish.


Grilled premium quality meats

Plant-based Grill
A delicious and healthy option for those looking to reduce their consumption of meat and fish. Grilled vegetables such as peppers, zucchini, eggplants, and marinated mushrooms with herbs and spices to add flavor and complexity to their natural taste.

Chocolate mousse with avocado and caramelized hazelnuts
Fruit salad

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